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Company: Nintendo
Epic battles, fast action and ancient codes of honour - Dynasty Warriors has finally fought its way from the Shaolin temples of ancient China to the Game Boy Advance. It is available to buy from the 2nd December 2005 across Europe.

Based on the Three Kingdoms historical era of ancient China, each player is given missions to complete, with battle locations ranging from snow covered fields, mountainous plateaus to temples and woodland countryside. Each mission has an overall objective and players must overcome challenges in order to advance on to the next battle stage.

For the first time ever, the game is split into two different play environments: turn based map gameplay followed by real-time combat. While playing the turn based section, players can view their allies and enemies on the battlefield and check their status, deciding the best ways to beat the enemy. The real-time combat is key to the gameplay as players control their chosen character and attack the enemy's troops. The adventure can also be viewed from a top-down 2D perspective with 180 battle maps to fight through.

In this game, players must struggle to overcome insurmountable odds. As a lonely yet deadly warrior, players need to perform fast and exciting combos to battle against increasing hordes of enemies. With each enemy successfully defeated, the 'Musou' meter will gradually fill with energy. When the meter is full, players can use their special 'Musou' attack to perform extra powerful combos.

In addition to the two play sections, Dynasty Warriors also features RPG elements in its character development. Players earn points by killing enemies and they can improve their characters' stats and abilities by finding new weapons and items to use. Ultimately, players can transform their fighter from an average warrior to a fearsome killing machine by enhancing their powers and equipment. There are over 13 characters to choose from - each character being a real figure from Chinese history - and over 200 weapons to be collected.

Players are given the choice of three main game modes - Musou Mode, the main single player adventure where you select a kingdom and battle your way through each stage, Free Mode, where players can choose to play through a single scenario and Challenge Mode, where players can challenge up to three different trials to set new records.

Dynasty Warriors Advance battles its way on to the Game Boy Advance on 2nd December 2005 at the estimated retail price of around £30.
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