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16th May 2007- The FINAL FANTASY series returns to the Game Boy Advance and in its latest instalment is bigger, better and more thrilling than ever before! Packed with new features, astonishing gameplay and legendary tales of heroism, its easy to see why it is one of the most critically acclaimed FINAL FANTASY adventures to date. FINAL FANTASY VI ADVANCE will be available to put in your pocket across Europe this summer on 29th June 2007.

True to form, FINAL FANTASY VI ADVANCE is independent of other FINAL FANTASY episodes. However, players will encounter compelling similarities as they meet complex new characters with whom they will embark on spellbinding adventures. The story is set in a mysterious world governed by an evil dictatorship known as the Gestahlian Empire. ‘The Empire’ is determined to strengthen its domination of the world by harnessing the power of the Espers (powerful magical creatures) and using them as weapons.

Endangered rival sovereigns, brave rebels and a handful of outcasts must now unite forces to stop the Empire fulfilling its ambition. The story begins with a treasure hunter called Locke and an amnesiac magician called Terra, who are forced to flee from the Empire. As the game plots its course, Locke and Tina will encounter a large cast of diverse characters, all of whom assume a crucial role in freeing the world.

Unlike FINAL FANTASY V ADVANCE released earlier this year on Game Boy Advance, FINAL FANTASY VI ADVANCE does not feature a job system. Instead each character has a special ability linked to his or her background that can be called upon in times of need. These powers, combined with careful selection of team mates, can turn the tide of any battle. Players can also earn experience points by winning battles, which are used to ‘level up’, increasing the character’s statistics. In the course of their adventure, players will also uncover powerful weapons and armours to tip the balance in their favour.

FINAL FANTASY VI ADVANCE also includes all-new features, including a new location called Soul Shrine where gamers can fight an endless stream of monsters, an unlockable music player and a new dungeon with a secret boss, Kaiser Dragon. But it’s not all change: FINAL FANTASY VI ADVANCE faithfully retains the essence of the FINAL FANTASY series with dramatic music, intricate and sweeping storylines, gripping side quests and nostalgic series references.

If you want to experience this ultimate fantasy adventure, or simply want to play a diverse and action-packed role-playing game, you won’t be disappointed when FINAL FANTASY VI ADVANCE launches on Game Boy Advance across Europe on 29th June 2007 for the estimated retail price of around €40 (£30 UK).

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