Nintendo Partners With Craveonline to Launch a Digital Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir Experience
Company: Nintendo
LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Evolve Media Corp.’s CraveOnline (, one of the fastest growing next-generation male lifestyle sites, announced today the launch of their newest custom creation, a frightening destination that takes the user on a virtual journey across what appears to be the home page of multiple Crave-owned sites, allowing them to experience the world of Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir a visceral 3D horror experience only available on the Nintendo 3DS, a portable system from Nintendo. The game is available April 13.

To convey the bone-chilling nature of Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir, Crave created a haunting interactive experience and introduces users to the protagonist of the game, a girl named Maya who has been hiding in the darkness of an old house, cursed by the woman in black. Upon arriving at the custom destination, a mysterious booklet called the -diary of Faces appears amid black smoke, which helps users along the journey. Maya comes out, pleading for help until ghostly hands grab her, pulling her back into the book. From there, users must capture images of the ghosts, as though they are looking through the lens of the Spirit Camera as they delve deeper into Maya’s world, thus furthering the users’ journey across,, and Each site the user visits along the journey sends users into different haunted scenarios—all the while intertwining ghoulish themes and scary elements of the Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir game.

At the end of the journey the user is surprised with a truly arresting image from the Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir game, along with a video of the game trailer and the ability to share the experience on Facebook. The entire experience is filled with chilling graphics, including 3D-like effects (at one point a decaying hand appears to jump out of the screen to grab the user) and terrifying sounds that come from the dark, shadowy pages—leaving readers with a branded experience they won’t forget.

“CraveOnline has created a truly one of a kind interactive online experience that haunts, excites, and most importantly engages users with the Spirit Camera:The Cursed Memoir game,” said John Keefer, General Manager of CraveOnline and Vice President of Evolve Media Corp.

To experience the journey click here:

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