Nival Interactive Announces Hammer & Sickle
Nival Interactive proudly announces Hammer & Sickle, a new tactical role playing game set in the Silent Storm universe. The game is being co-developed by Novik&Co and Nival Interactive.

Set in the British-American sector of occupied Germany in the spring of 1949, you are a Soviet undercover agent who finds himself caught in the middle of an escalating confrontation between the intelligence services of the world's superpowers. You'll have to make your way through a web of cunning intrigues, setting off chain reactions that will affect the fate of the world: will it live in peace, or collapse into the chaos of World War 3?

A unique mix of turn-based and role-play, Hammer & Sickle is a brand-new gaming experience. The dizzying array of tactical solutions for each situation is greatly deepened by the fully destructible environments - while an open mission structure and the non-linear story put you in complete control of the game world.

Key Features:
° Spy Story: Non-linear thriller lets you affect not only the outcome, but the whole course of the game
° Real People: Character's histories and personalities affect game events and your team's cooperation
° One World: You can move back and forth though all zones freely - events taking place in one zone can affect developments in others
° Saving Time: like in life, time is the most important and irreplaceable resource. The passage of time significantly affects game events
° Fashion Statement: What you wear can sometimes have a bigger affect on how people react to you then what you say
° How Am I Spying?: Clashes with the authorities or violence against civilians will be counted on a meter, push it too hard and you'll set off WWIII
° Gift of Gab: Your choice of line or even tone of voice could radically change the balance of forces and relations between characters
° Always Carry Cash: Buy weapons, hire soldiers, get information - even bribe the local criminal syndicate or police to get out of trouble
° Choose Your Weapon: With over 90 authentic WWII and post war models, you can choose the right gun for the right job

About Nival Interactive
Nival Interactive is Russia's leading game developer, and also the largest, with a staff of over 140 dedicated professionals. Since its inception in 1996, Nival Interactive has earned critical acclaim worldwide by press and gamers alike for an impressive lineup of highly successful titles including the Rage of Mages, Etherlords, Blitzkrieg and Silent Storm series, all backed by our genuine commitment to creativity and innovation. Currently, Nival Interactive is developing several games, including Blitzkrieg II, Night Watch and Heroes of Might and Magic V. At this years Russian Conference of Game Developers, Nival Interactive received "Best Developer 2005" while Heroes of Might and Magic V was awarded with "Best Game 2005".
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