Blitzkrieg 2 Beta Test Sign-Ups
Nival Interactive and CDV Software Entertainment announce international gamers sign-up for Blitzkrieg II, the famous RTS based on WWII events, closed beta-test.

Everyone eager to contribute to the creation of the long-expected war-game is welcomed for participation. To become a beta-tester, one needs to fill in the form up to the 13th of June, located On reception of confirmation by mail, you can download the distributive at our ftp-site or receive it in our office. The test will take place from 13 to 27 of June. The purpose of the test is to receive information, concerning stress test and the game functioning in multiplayer mode.

Blitzkrieg II comes with tremendous focus on new strategic opportunities, global war and gritty realism of WWII battles. On the side of Soviet Armed Forces, US Army or German Wehrmacht you plan entire operations and lead your men into fierce action, choose reinforcements and use a wide range of new weapons in three full-blown campaigns that span the globe. New graphics engine and significant step over the original game get you in control of the most dramatic and bloody conflict of the past century.

About Nival Interactive
Nival Interactive is Russian-leading game developer, with staff comprising about 200 of dedicated professionals. Lately, the company has produced popular titles as Blitzkrieg, Silent Storm, and Battle Mages. At the moment, a range of projects is being developed, they are: Heroes of Might and Magic V, Blitzkrieg II, Night Watch, Hard Truck: Apocaliptic Wars and others. At KRI 2005 – Russian Annual Game Developer’s Conference – the company was awarded “Best Developer” title and Heroes of Might and Magic took “Best Game”. For more information visit

About CDV Software Entertainment
Founded in 1990, CDV Software Entertainment AG is one of the leading publishers and distributors of PC software in Europe. In 2000, the company successfully completed its initial public offering and is listed on the German Prime Standard (equivalent to the USA's NASDAQ Index). CDV is best known for titles like Blitzkrieg and the Cossacks series - both of which sold over 1 million copies worldwide.
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