Dealer - Chronic, Pills & Coke Game Announced!
Company: Nobilis
DEALER - Chronic, Pills & Coke is a 3rd person action shooter designed for Ps2, Xbox and PC set in a huge metropolis, with a lot of driving and shooting, run on a GTA-type game course, in which the player can take part in the - not everyday - bloody and amusing adventures of a drug dealer.
The player gets around freely in the spectacular, elaborate and enormous city. The gripping and unpredictable plot develops through varied missions, and after a lot of action, gang fights and bloody showdowns the player discovers who controls the enormous mafia from behind.
The aim is to build up a prosperous, illegal distribution network with one of four completely different players available. The player might further expand the business by buying a drug lab, a cellar to grow mushrooms or even a marijuana plantation. The extra money the player earns can be spent on extraordinary cars, weapons and luxurious properties, etc. The main character can even become a pimp and run a whore house.
Drugs and the soft drug culture affecting the game course and the fascinating imagery will play an important role in the large-scale game. The player first deals marijuana on dangerous streets, in exclusive clubs, at extraordinary illegal open air parties and in the apartments of contacts he has made with little profit. Then he can deal a wider range of drugs such as speed, ecstasy, LSD, magic mushrooms and cocaine. Certainly, even the player can use all of these during the absorbing game. The real Dealer knows well what he sells, depending on the type of drug the character uses, there might be a temporary advantage (e.g. becoming faster or stronger etc.) besides serious side effects (a morphed environment, steady fatigue, loss of ability to aim etc.). The more pleasure the player experiences from the drug, the more serious side effects might become. If the player uses drugs regularly, the duration of positive effects decrease, while the duration of undesirable side effects increase considerably. In case of overdose the adventurous character might even face death.

The most important feature of the modern, elaborate visual images is most noticeable when using psychedelic hallucinogens, resulting in a morphing environment where the player has to liquidate his enemies metamorphosed into beasts with different weapons on the blurred level.
The atmosphere of the game is determined by different party music like hip-hop, rap, d&b, goa, trance, breakbit etc.
At the beginning things go well and the main character manages to build up a distribution network, but at the end of the story the player has to face the difficulties of drugs and crime. In this way, the game tells the story of a typical drug career and emphasizes that using and dealing drugs is not only a crime, but also harmful to the society and the individual. It damages the body and the mind. In the course of development we will focus on the prevention aspect of the game, consulting experts who deal with drug prevention and addiction.

The game is based on the BioGraphic, Inc. Gamebryo engine, which is today’s most advanced multi- platform 3d-game engine solution and has powered many AAA game titles like "Morrowind" by Bethesda softworks, "Dark Age of Camelot" by Mythic Entertainment and "Axis & Allies" by Atari.

The main engine of the artificial intelligence is the NDL, the new technology by Inc’s AI-implant, an award–winning state-of-the-art AI technology that brings the non-player characters to life, and makes the game play more realistic than ever before. It has been used for AAA game titles like "PSI–Ops" by Midway Games and "Glympse" by Sojourn Development.

The developers have started negotiations with some publishers, further information will be available soon.

About Nagual Games:
Nagual Games was founded in 2002 by several talented industry veterans with decades of experience aiming at creating enjoyable games for Consoles and PCs.
The company worked as a subcontractor on several big titles for Atari, Ubisoft, Montecristo, CDV, etc.
The team using licensed, robust, mature and state-of-the-art technologies focuses on content development. We believe that the key to a good game is the suitable choice of topic, fascinating graphics, plus a gripping and entertaining game play.
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