My Baby Is Back: Older, More Endearing Than Ever and Now He Talks!
Company: Nobilis
Remember last year you experienced an amazing game : My baby. In the 1st opus you taught him many new things, help him to discover his environment but above all you shared precious and unforgettable moments with your very own baby …

Now your baby grew up! He’s 15 months old, he just made his first steps… a new adventure is beginning: teach him how to speak !

Don’t forget he’s still a baby so you also have to take care of him: feeding him, buying some clothes, read him fairy tales, play with him… and above all being the best mum in the world by giving him all your attention and loving !

You have to take care of your baby! Read bedtime stories, feed your baby , let him/her play in the sandbox, wash him/her, buy some clothes … 5 activities just like in real life!

Teach your baby to eat on his/her own, to dance, to go up the stairs… but above all to talk! Your heart will melt when he/she says "I love you". Check out his/her progress everyday.

Buy your baby clothes and toys and decorate their room like you want: with flowers, animals from the farm or the Sahara, ocean ….

Interact with your baby anytime by talking to him or her and using your Nintendo DS™ stylus/ Wii mote. Never forget he/she depends on you and need all your attention and loving at every moment.

More animations, a developed AI, enhanced graphics … your baby will have his/her own character and will act just like a real baby!
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