The World’s Best Mobile Gaming Portal Just Got Better, With a Major update to the N-Gage Arena Coming Your Way!
Company: Nokia
The N-Gage Arena launcher is a software application on the N-Gage device that hooks you up to the entire N-Gage Arena community directly from your N-Gage. Connect with friends, get N-Gage news and game tips & hints, download exclusives, join competitions, and lots more via the N-Gage Arena launcher.

The latest update (v.2.5) to the N-Gage Arena launcher software not only brings some amazing new features directly to your pocket, but Nokia has listened to feedback from the N-Gage community to also make some key improvements.

First up, a new Public Group Chat feature gives you chat rooms on a variety of topics so you can chat with other N-Gage gamers all around the world in real-time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s the perfect way to stay connected with friends, meet new people, or find new opponents and arrange a spontaneous gaming session.

The new Friend Rankings feature lets you compare your skills directly with those players on your Friends List who play the same game. What’s more, live updates to your N-Gage will let you know if your ranking changes – so you’ll know exactly when to fire up Snakes and win back your high score!

There’s also an avalanche of more updates and tweaks to the N-Gage Arena launcher software that make it a lot easier to hook up with friends to play or chat, including:

• Four shiny new shortcuts in the main menu indicate what’s new and link you straight to the action: Friends, Rankings, News, Public Chat.

• You can check which friends are online, and see if they’re in a chat room or what game they’re playing now.
• Improved message notification let’s you know immediately when you have a new Alert or private message from any point in the launcher.

• Content has been expanded to include Player Content such as photos and gaming tips, as well as provide easy access to customisation options and game media.

Lots more fun awaits you with new N-Gage Arena launcher , so head over to to download it now!

There are three ways to connect to the N-Gage Arena, including the launcher, N-Gage Arena games, or the website: (Put the US Arena link and the UK link here )

Membership is free and open to all (within age restrictions). Sign up now LINK if you haven’t already to enjoy the busy Arena community, participate in live events and challenges and hang out with N-Gage players from all over the world.

And don’t forget that forums are also available on the N-Gage Arena. Click here to go tO Local N-Gage Arena Forum Board -

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