Grand Chase Open Beta Scheduled
January 22nd, 2008, Irvine California, Ntreev USA, Inc. announced today that it has launched the first official website for the online-action title, Grand Chase from Korean developer KOG, and will be launching Open Beta service by the end of the month.

Grand Chase Website is Live!

Ntreev USA will soon be launching the much sought after Free-to-Play online battle game Grand Chase, in North America. Open Beta is scheduled to begin very soon, and the official teaser website for the game has gone live. The website has been built from the ground up as the main source for all Grand Chase information for the Ntreev USA release of the game including: a stunning trailer, an official Grand Chase Forum, downloadable Media, and a Sign-Up section for the upcoming Beta. This is the first taste for gamers of what will undoubtedly be a go-to title for online action, MMO and RPG enthusiasts alike! For everyone that would like to be kept up to date on all information related to the game and the coming Open Beta, make sure to bookmark the website's URL and follow the instructions in the Sign-Up section.

Open Beta Date Has Been Confirmed!

Along with the recent launch of the official website for Grand Chase, the date for the launch of Open Beta service has also been announced. Open Beta is set to begin on January 31st, 2008 at 21:00 PST (9 o'clock Pacific Standard Time). What's more, every player who is signed up through the official website before the Open Beta release will be eligible to receive exclusive in-game items unavailable anywhere else. Details and descriptions of the exclusive items will be announced on the new official website before the launch of Open Beta service.

Grand Chase Ntreev USA Release Exclusives

Grand Chase is a Free-To-Play, 3D-rendered fantasy adventure online game developed by industry standout, KOG. The Ntreev USA release of the title will feature exclusive and significant upgrades to the game including: updated graphics, fine-tuned control mechanics, USB controller access, new, professional localization along with professionally produced English voice acting for all story elements. Also, there will be: new game modes, a new World Map and enhanced Dungeon system, as well as introducing more RPG elements, quests, and missions.

Grand Chase is an action title that allows players to connect online and battle the forces of evil. Players can group together in parties with as many as four individual players to take on every Dungeon and Boss within the game, as well as going head to head or team to team in PVP bouts.

With crisp, clean, and fluid graphics, excellent and precise controls, elegant combo-systems and a deep strategic battle structure, as well as almost limitless customizable options and equipment combinations, Grand Chase is an RPG influenced, online action title that stands out for online players in 2008!

About Ntreev USA Inc
Located in Southern California and established in the Fall of 2006, Ntreev USA, Inc. is a sister company of Ntreev Soft (known for games such as Trickster, and Pangya), that specializes in online game development and publishing. They are currently working with many partners from around the globe to develop and publish new online game content. Trickster Online: Links to Fantasy is the first major release for Ntreev USA Inc. Please visit Ntreev’s website for more information at

About KOG
Since it was founded in 2000, KOG has been a pioneer of online fighting games and online racing games in Korea. Having been awarded the Excellent Korean Technology Mark by the Korean government for its achievements in real-time simulation methods for vehicle motions, KOG has gone on to produce many popular online titles, including Grand Chase, Wild Rally and Bumperking.

In 2003, KOG was elected for the Promising Frontiers of Contents award by the Korean Institute of Multimedia Content and Software. In 2006, the company was also awarded the 2nd Korean Information Technology Award by the Korean Association of Information Systems.

KOG aims at making new, unique and exciting games that players have never experienced nor seen before. It is their objective to always challenge the creative planning, design, and technique in making new and experimental games.
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