Ntreev's Popular MMO, Grand Chase, Now Available on the iPhone
IRVINE, Calif., December 23, 2009 - Ntreev USA, a leading online game developer and publisher, today announced that it has launched Grand Chase Lite, a mobile version of the popular MMO Grand Chase http://grandchase.ntreev.net/, for the iPhone. Developed by San Diego-based Good Game Productions (www.gg-prod.com), the game is a free application based on the popular online free-to-play action brawler, Grand Chase. The game is now available free of charge in the App store on iPhone.

"We are very excited to launch this game on the iPhone and think both current and new players will get a kick out of playing this type of stat driven role playing game on their iPhones," said Chris Lee, CEO at Ntreev USA. "Grand Chase Lite brings a fantasy world to your mobile phone blending the perfect amount of addictive, action-packed gameplay with ease-of-use for this mobile platform."

Grand Chase Lite is based on Grand Chase, an online action brawler set in a medieval fantasy world. It follows the story of a few brave young knights who join a group of nobles known as the "Grand Chase" to defeat an evil usurper to the throne, a villainess known as Kaze'aze. Grand Chase combines traditional side-scrolling dungeon crawling with intense, skill-based player vs. player (PvP) matches. Visit http://grandchase.ntreev.net for more information.

Grand Chase Lite gives players a condensed Grand Chase gaming experience while making intelligent use of the iPhone's unique gaming style. The mobile version is a turn-based RPG designed for players who enjoy adventure and battling against monsters in an exciting fantasy world. If players want to participate in the full Grand Chase experience, they can join the community online for free by clicking through to http://grandchase.ntreev.net/ directly from the iPhone game

Grand Chase Lite Features

.The Grand Chase Online (PC) experience condensed into an exciting mobile adventure!

.Fantasy Turn-Based RPG that is 100% Free-to-Play

.Choose from 3 Different Characters, each from a different class

.Each character has 20 Skills to unlock (once unlocked, players can set up their own combination of attacks)

.15 Bosses to defeat: play on 1 star, 2 stars or 3 stars difficulty level(Complete 3 stars to collect a special reward from each Boss)

.Diverse selection of items per character with 92 unique Items each!

.Quick interactions - play for one minute or five

.Captivating art design and graphics

.Explore the dungeons of Bosses


About Ntreev USA Inc.
Located in Southern California and established in the fall of 2006, Ntreev USA Inc. is a sister company of Ntreev Soft, specializing in online game development and publishing. Ntreev USA currently publishes the anime MMORPG Trickster Online: A New Discovery, online action brawler Grand Chase and the online casual golf game, Pangya.
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