Scratches Demo Is Out!
Company: Nucleosys
BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA – October 31, 2005.

Over two years of hard work are finally coming to an end at Nucleosys and we thought: what better day than Halloween to release the demo of our anticipated horror adventure, Scratches? The demo features the initial portion of the game with a few restrictions, given its non-linear nature. In the final game, though, players will be allowed to freely explore many chilling and atmospheric places as they investigate Blackwood Manor's three floors and visit various other locations, such as a run-down greenhouse, a grim chapel, a decaying crypt and more. Somewhere... concealed and lurking in the darkness... it awaits.

In this point-and-click adventure game, reminiscent of classic 70s horror movies, players will step into the shoes of acclaimed writer Michael Arthate as he moves to his newly-acquired home, set on the outskirts of a typical rural town in northern England. Michael is keen to finish the follow-up to his #1 best-seller, Vanishing Town, which is being awaited by hordes of loyal fans. Struggling with the pressure of living up to the hype, our writer soon becomes enchanted with the story surrounding his house, which once belonged to the infamous Blackwood family. What Michael does not yet know is that this place has witnessed terrible acts throughout the decades and is holding a dangerous secret... one that threatens to end his life!

The Scratches demo is fully-featured and includes a generous amount of gameplay along with a sample of the professional surround soundtrack composed by Cellar of Rats. The big news for many players will be the inclusion of a "slideshow" mode, especially useful for those who suffer from motion sickness. Nostalgic people are bound to love it too!

Of course, the preferred method to play Scratches is with smooth panoramic rotation, powered by the SCream engine, which has been developed in-house by Nucleosys. Also, newcomers to the adventure genre may wish to try the new built-in hint system, which explains the basics of how to play the game, and provides subtle hints to help the player solve the puzzles. Hints will make Scratches easier but they won’t spoil the atmosphere as they are neatly integrated into the gameplay.

As a final note, we can confirm that versions for Mac and Linux operating systems will follow shortly after the PC release, which is set to reach gold status very soon!


Scratches will feature the following -

*A haunting storyline spread over two decades, filled with unexpected twists and turns and a shocking ending.

*Exploration of a realistic Victorian mansion, designed after real models and blueprints of the era, brought to life with sharp panoramic graphics.

*You don't play a character, you are the character! Stay in close touch with his emotions by knowing his thoughts, his feelings... and his fears.

*Impressive special effects: the clouds in the sky slowly move as you take a walk outdoors, while flashes of lightning startle you and raindrops hit the windows when you are inside the house, looking for shelter from a fierce storm.

*An unobtrusive, user-friendly interface that makes the game comfortable to play, thus allowing players to focus on the story and its development.

*A hint system that seamlessly integrates clues and suggestions about the next step to take or puzzle solutions within dialogues, notes and character comments. Play the game with the difficulty level you prefer!

*Full surround soundtrack.

We hope you enjoy the demo and that you look forward to playing the final game!

Step inside Blackwood manor and enjoy your stay... it may last forever!

About Nucleosys
Nucleosys is an independent game development company established in Argentina and committed to bringing quality adventure games to the gaming industry by contributing with fresh ideas and novel designs. Scratches will be the first commercial adventure game ever to be made in Argentina.
More information can be found at:

About Cellar of Rats
Cellar of Rats is a professional sound designer, composer and producer. Based in dark and obscure soundscapes, the production features sampled
orchestras, score sound design and special sound effects, and audio post-production. Cellar of Rats is in charge of the moody Scratches soundtrack and has also produced the soundtrack for the upcoming horror movie Ray of Darkness. More information can be found at:

The Nucleosys Team
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