Turn-Based RPG Lords of Xulima Tells The Epic Story Of Gods & Humans!
‘Lords Of Xulima’ from independent games developer ‘Numantian Games’ is a 2D isometric, turn-based RPG of epic proportions! Currently in development for the PC, in addition to versions for Mac and Linux, this jaw-dropping immersive title features a vast and challenging world, in which players create and command a party of six in an epic battle between gods and men!

In the beginning, men and gods walked side by side in harmony in the sacred continent of Xulima. But the gods withdrew to the stars, and for some time they were forgotten. There, they wove a new destiny for the world and its inhabitants. As it turns out, not all gods agreed with the New Order and had agendas of their own. A battle broke out in the skies, far away from mankind’s vision, and without the worlds creators taking care of Xulima, its lands started to fade. What followed was a turn for the worse! The human King of Xulima disappeared, and his four heirs divided the continent to conquer and spoil for their own profit. The temples of the ancient gods were invaded by their armies and transformed into prisons. Chaos reigned over the lands, and terrible creatures wandered and roamed freely. Then, one of the gods, Golot the Master of Dreams and Works, turned its sight to Xulima and felt pity for what he discovered, and decided to intervene. He chose a man as his herald to restore order in Xulima. That man is you!

‘Lords Of Xulima’ features additive and immersive gameplay inspired by legendary classics such as Ultima™ and Might & Magic™. With its enchanting and beautiful visuals, stunning animations, immersive audio, realistic sound effects and exciting quests, the game offers a vast and exciting environment to explore, in a world where only the bravest will survive in the lands of challenging climates. Once you have assembled your party of six, where each character can be customized by 10 classes and more than 100 skills, your journey begins as you embark on visits to castles, towers and temples, some of which contain secrets that must be unveiled.

‘Lords Of Xulima’ includes a fast and dynamic combat system in a turn-based environment. With 18 different classes of weapons and 20 qualities for each, the game offers plenty of options for players of all experience levels. More than 100 types of enchantments are available, providing different powers to weapons, and you can even combine the two for special combat moves within each class.

‘Lords Of Xulima’ is a very active and popular project on Steam Greenlight (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=128219358), and has quickly amassed a large gathering of fans and followers.tlinks for the most recent updates:
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