New Trailer Now Available for The Unseelie
CHAPEL HILL, NC - December 17, 2004 - Octagon Entertainment, Inc. today announced a new trailer for "The Unseelie", a first-person shooter with adventure and horror elements for PC. Developed by Australian studio KaWoW!, "The Unseelie" is expected to go gold in late 2005.

An unsuspecting driver smashes into a tree while trying to avoid what appears to be a child in his path. Upon awakening he is led to the ancient forest of "Tir-Na-Bràch-Marbh" (Land of the Eternal Death). Its supernatural limbs and roots have engulfed a 17th century Irish village, severing its contact with the rest of the world and slowing time to a crawl. The outsider learns that in order to return home, he will have to battle "The Unseelie" (pronounced "Un SHEE Lee"), the accursed and unblessed fairy race of Celtic myth. With the defeat of each demon lord he will obtain one of seven Celtic elements that will eventually allow him to escape the clutches of Finvarra, the King of the Dead.

Unpredictable combat scenarios and suspenseful adventure elements drive the action in "The Unseelie". Melee combat in first-person perspective increases in complexity, variety and speed with each advance. Through courage and cunning the player must unravel the illusory designs and deceptive puzzles of The Unseelie. Health in the form of manna and ammunition based on the seven elements are found throughout the levels and left behind by slain enemies.

Feature List
· Mythical Irish Celtic characters, ideas and symbols deepen the storyline and enhance the first-person perspective.
· Stunning reflections and shadows from multiple sources of light – even fireflies – are all rendered in real-time.
· Dramatic 3D environment and lucid sound effects deliver a lifelike experience.
· Primary weapon is a living eternal staff that transforms with upgrades based on the seven elements of Celtic folklore: Fire, Water, Earth, Air,
Wood, Metal and Spirit.
· Puzzle elements further immerse the player by promoting exploration of the landscape.
· Artifact power ups supply tactical advantages, e.g. combine fire and metal to unleash a stream of molten metal.
· Experience points yield new attacks, intensified weapons and sharpened skills.

Founded in 1993, Octagon Entertainment arranges financing, licensing and distribution agreements for developers and publishers of computer and video games worldwide. Octagon currently represents titles such as Painkiller, Gangland and the Celtic Kings franchise from Haemimont Games.

KaWoW! is a games development studio with a high energy, results oriented team and a focus on creating truly great games. Since its formation in 1997, the KaWoW! team has established a proven track record for delivering software that's critically and commercially successful. Combining creative talent with technical skill and sound project management has been the KaWoW! formula for consistent delivery of quality games that are fun to play.
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