OGPlanet Launches Gundam Video on Demand in North America
Company: OGPlanet
Torrance, Calif.-March 2, 2012-OGPlanet, an innovative provider of multiplayer online games and publisher of SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online in North America, is now providing the Gundam animation series for fans and players. Anyone can visit SD Gundam Capsule Fighter at sdgo.ogplanet.com and click the "VOD Service" banner on the right side of the page to watch five full length Gundam animation series, including Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G, Mobile Fighter G Gundam, and SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors. The service will launch on March 2, 2012

"By watching these classic Gundam animation series, both Gundam fans and existing players will have more fulfilling gaming experience," said Eugene Choi, Marketing Manager at OGPlanet. "After releasing S rank units for the first time in early February, we have seen spike in number of players and we are sure this VOD service will cater the growing demand for SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online." On top of this, OGPlanet is also hosting the biggest giveaway event through SDGO's Facebook. Prizes include master grade and SD gunpla models, game currencies, game points, and Wing Gundam Zero, which users can play in the game.

SD Gundam Capsule Fighter is an Online Free-to-Play Third Person Shooter that has over 300 Gundam units to choose from. To sign up for free, please visit the official game page located at http://sdgo.ogplanet.com. For up to the minute news, events, contests and giveaways please visit the official SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online Facebook page located at http://www.facebook.com/SDGONA

About Bandai Korea CO., LTD.
Bandai Korea CO., LTD is a subsidiary of Namco Bandai Holdings Inc. and in charge of planning and producing some of online games based on popular animation series. Titles include 'SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online' and 'Dragonball Online'.

About OGPlanet
Based in Torrance, California, OGPlanet is a leading publisher in North America of free-to-play and downloadable games. OGPlanet offers wide range of game titles, such as SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online, Tactical Intervention, Rumble Fighter, Lost Saga, La Tale, Zone 4, and Red Stone. For more information, visit www.ogplanet.com.

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