Eufloria HD for PlayStation© Vita out now in North America, UK and Europe
18th December 2013: Omni Systems Ltd announced today that the chilled-out ambient strategy game Eufloria HD is now available for Sony’s PlayStation© Vita through the PlayStation© Store at a special launch price in the USA, UK and Europe of $9.99/£7.99/€9.99 with a further price reduction for PS Plus users of $7.99/£6.79/€7.99.

Eufloria HD for Vita features the enhanced version of the atmospheric, dreamlike game of space exploration and strategy, with a smoother framerate of 60fps (doubling the previous performance of 30fps) and more responsive touch controls.

This special version of Eufloria HD was brought to PlayStation© Vita by Titanium Studios, and in the opinion of Rudolf Kremers, Creative and Managing Director of Omni Systems, is the best iteration ever of his classic game. Eufloria first caught the attention of gamers back in 2009 with a critically-acclaimed debut PC release, and since then has scooped numerous awards including Apple’s iPad Game of 2012 runner-up. Eufloria HD for Vita is an unforgettable, beautiful-looking, easy-to-control and addictive strategy game that anyone can play.

What the press has been saying about Eufloria HD on Vita:

“Another fantastic reason to own a Vita…it is addictive, beautiful, strangely therapeutic and above all else, an absolute joy to play. This is a must buy.” - HeyUGuysGaming

“Eufloria HD flutters effortlessly onto the Vita…once you're firmly planted into the real-time strategy's steady pace, it can be especially difficult to pluck yourself free.” - PushSquare

"It’s a beautiful version of an already stellar game.” - PSNStores

Eufloria HD features:

· Exclusive 60fps framerate for PlayStation© Vita
· Enhanced Vita touch controls with crisp panning and zooming
· 20 PlayStation© Vita Trophy achievements
· Game session in progress saving
· A 25-level Story Mode with many hours of gameplay
· Relaxed Mode for a more ambient experience which anyone can enjoy
· Skirmish levels that can be played again and again
· Dark Matter Mode for a stylish, more challenging way to play
· Original ambient soundtrack by Brian Grainger (Milieu)
· Procedurally-generated levels that are different every time

Eufloria HD for PlayStation© Vita is now available for download via the PlayStation© Store at a special launch price in the USA, UK and Europe for $9.99/£7.99/€9.99 with a further price reduction for PS Plus users of $7.99/£6.79/€7.99.

For more information on Eufloria HD:
Official website:
Twitter: @RudolfKremers

About Omni Systems Ltd
Eufloria is published by Omni Systems Limited, Rudolf Kremer’s indie media production company. Omni has been set up as a new kind of independent games (and other media) company, offering an alternative to corporate restraints and rewarding developers in a way that traditional game development often does not allow. Additionally Omni produces and develops other media including screenplays, comics, PS3 Dynamic Themes and more, while also offering consultancy services ranging from interactive software development to consultancy on creating virtual spaces. Current projects of note are two new games: StarLit and Neopolis, a series of Sci-Fi dynamic themes for PlayStation 3 and a comic called Spire.

About Titanium Studios
Eufloria HD for Vita was developed by Australian independent developer Titanium Studios. Founded and and run by industry veteran Jayeson Lee-Steere, Titanium specializes in high quality video game ports. Titanium also develops non-gaming apps using game technology, creating uniquely engaging and entertaining experiences.
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