Elementum! An exciting puzzle strategy game from One Thing Studios
Charlottesville, Virginia, December 19, 2009 One Things Studios (http://www.onethingstudios.com) is proud to release the demo for their new game, Elementum.

A puzzle game like no other awaits your astounding abilities and masterful skills! Filled with gorgeous, handcrafted details, Elementum abounds with wonder, beauty, and mystery. A unique and exciting fusion of engrossing puzzles and challenging action draws you into the world of Elementum where you must use all your skill and wit to obtain the Elements of the Universe and find the Spark of Life itself!

The turn of a key in a curious box unlocks the world of Elementum. Embark upon a majestic and mysterious quest for the Elements of the Universe as you solve intricate puzzles and navigate mind-bending obstacles. Aligning the

Elemental Spheres is only half the challenge you face as an Apprentice in the art of Alchemy, for with each action comes a reaction that threatens to destroy the very elements you seek! Are you wise and skillful enough to avert disaster and refine the Elements into their purest forms? Your challenge awaits!

Download the free demo and buy the game at a special pre-sale price at:

About One Thing Studios
One Thing Studios was founded in 2007 by Paul Turner, John Harvey, and Petra Turner Harvey, who between the three of them hold degrees in Engineering, Computer Graphics and Game Technology, Music, and Philosophical Theology. After two years of development, One Thing Studios is proud to release our first title, Elementum, a fun, yet challenging, puzzle game that combines action and strategy to create hours of fun, engrossing game play.

One Thing Studios is located in Charlottesville, VA.

Website: http://www.onethingstudios.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/onethingstudios
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/One-Thing-Studios/220503440774
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