The First Shot-Online Global Championship Lines up for a Hole-In-One
Company: OnNet Co. LTD
(Sunnyvale, CA - February 14, 2005) - Are you ready to challenge the best
golfers from all corners of the globe? Shot-Online, the unique and enjoyable
persistent online golfing game for the PC created by OnNet Co., Ltd, is
ready to bring home some serious competition, from the first drive to the
last putt. The First Shot-Online Global Chamionship is starting from
February 14 at 7:00 PM and wrapping up February 18, 2005 at 5:00 AM (CST).
During this first ever Championship event, Shot-Online members from around
the world can test their virtual golfing skills against one another.

All members of Shot-Online can participate, using their highest-ranked
character on their ID. Tournament rounds will be played at the "Forneus"
course using 18-hole stroke play. The winners will be determined by adding
up the sum of the four score cards. Everyone has a chance to win a prize,
not only the top golfing aces. 100,000 NG, the in-game currency, will be
divided among 30 random winners. The prizes for the placing winners in the
Amateur and Beginner Ranks are as follows:

Amateur - 1st place winner receives a powerful PDA; 2nd place winner
receives a rare in-game item, a gold driver

Beginner - 1st place winner receives a portable MP3 player; 2nd place winner
receives a rare in-game item, a gold driver

Shot-Online is currently in beta in North America, is an online golfing
simulation, featuring fully 3D graphics, motion captured animation, skill
enhancement, golfing item purchases and exchanges and quests. For more
details about the First Shot-Online Global Championship and for results of
the previous two Shot-Online events, "Grab The Lucky Level" and "Double
Experience Points", visit the official Shot-Online website
( ).
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