Three Major Game Updates Adds Up to Major Fun for Shot-Online Players
Company: OnNet Co. LTD
(Sunnyvale, CA – April 25, 2005) – Gamers lucky enough to be Shot-Online players will be the recipients of three major changes that will bring new
variety to their game play, open doors for advancement for amateurs and beginners, and introduce new items for each playable character. Shot-Online
is a persistent online golf game for the PC, developed by OnNet, Co., Ltd.

Starting April 25, 2005, a new playable character “Zygmunt” will be available, bringing the number of playable characters to five. A unique
addition to the current golfing characters available to players, Zygmunt is left-handed and skillful.

Not only is there a new character to play, but all five characters will receive two new shirts, pants, and hair items, for a total of six new items
per character. These new apparel items will allow for greater individuality in appearance and more options to enhance player skills.

Last but not least, from 12:00 AM to 12:59 PM (CST) during April 30, 2005, a Semi-Pro qualifying test will be an opportunity for advancement available
for high-level amateur and beginner players. The top 50% of players from 18 round stroke play with a sub-68 score will pass. The qualifying test will be conducted once every two weeks, so the chance to advance in rank will be recurring. The benefits of passing this test to the Semi-Pro rank include
50% greater experience earned when playing against amateurs and beginners, the opportunity to become “Player of the Year”, participate in exclusive
tournaments and more.

Shot-Online is currently in beta in North America, is an online golfing simulation for the PC, featuring fully 3D graphics, motion captured
animation, skill enhancement, golfing item purchases and exchanges and quests. To find out more details about these major game updates and the
Semi-Pro qualifying test, please visit the official Shot-Online website. (

About OnNet Co., Ltd
Founded in 1996, OnNet Co., Ltd is at the epicenter of the ongoing online revolution, leading with its Internet community services and solutions, and
is playing a significant role in helping companies reinforce the value of their online services. OnNet Entertainment is the developer and operator
behind the online golfing game, Shot-Online. For more information about OnNet Co., Ltd, visit
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