Drunken Viking Warriors Land on Tropical Island
Company: OnNet Co. LTD
Aug 2nd, 2005 - (Denmark) Oddlabs (www.oddlabs.com) announced today that their real-time strategy game, Tribal Trouble is now available.
Tribal Trouble places you in command of either the drunken Viking warriors or the local natives of the tropical island they accidentally
invaded. The game comes with a free demo available from their website and is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Tribal Trouble is an RTS whose aim was complex strategy without micromanagement. The number of units and buildings is limited and
nearly all of the mundane tasks such as collecting resources can be controlled from a single building. Instead of focusing on making you
tediously collect rocks, iron, and chickens, the AI will do it for you based on how you assign your people from the headquarter building.
While the AI handles this, you will spend time managing your people as a resource themselves, changing how many are peasants, how many are
warriors of various types, and what weapons and people they should be building. There are five units for each side; peons, rock warriors,
iron warriors, chieftains, and the dreaded chicken warriors. There are also three buildings; housing, armories, and towers (which help your
peons defend in case of invasion).

You will battle over 20 campaign maps with 3 difficulty levels each. When you have truly mastered the art of Tribal Trouble, join the
thriving online community where you can play against 5 other humanopponents at a time with 900 units on a single map! Best of all, each
map in single player skirmish or multiplayer mode is randomly generated, meaning you’ll never have to see the same map twice. For
additional challenge, join the online league and compete for the highest rank in the tribe.

So come join the melee, Tribal Trouble even comes with a free demo to get you started! Download it from www.oddlabs.com and enjoy a 90 day
money back guarantee! Be you Viking or Tribal, there’s going to be a whole lot of trouble when these two cultures clash!
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