New Video Bounces In for Open Emotion Studios' Revoltin' Youth
Limerick, Ireland - (July 28, 2011) - Video Game Developer Open Emotion Studios (, today launched the official trailer for its upcoming puzzle platformer for the PSP Mini, Revoltin' Youth.

Watch as Cole's heavy muscles allow him to navigate situations his smaller friends cannot and beat up a variety of monsters who would otherwise eat his fellow friends. See Kamiko dodge around laser beams and clamber up light nets that only her small frame can safely traverse, while Badger's ability to use a hang-glider comes into play as he fetches a key the other two could never get to. All of this action occurs alongside amazing beats from a trio of fantastic chiptune musicians.

Unveiled for the first time is another batch of Revoltin' Youth's epic chiptunes. Extending beyond the preview available on the official website, the game will feature two songs from Sabrepulse, alongside George and Jonathan - creators of "The Best Music" - with 8BitLegend adding his own flair along with all of the sound effects made using a Game Boy Color.

Revoltin' Youth is a new puzzle/platformer from Open Emotion Studios due for release in August 2011. The evil Big-Wig has covered the characters town in crummy marketing gibberish. It's up to the player to control the three characters through 50+ levels of headache inducing puzzles. The game will feature a unique pixel-art style and a robust chiptune soundtrack. Stay tuned for more information on the game as the launch gets closer and visit the official Website at


About Open Emotion Studios Open Emotion Studios ( is a video-game development company, operating out of Limerick, Ireland since late 2009. The company was founded by 3 friends, Patrick Murphy, Mike Naughton and Colm English, whose goal was to produce the games they themselves would like to see on the market. From the beginning of 2010 they have switched focus solely towards the console gaming market with games like Mad Blocker Alpha and Ninjamurai appearing on Sony Platforms. The company grew quickly, partly due to the success of the Studios first flash game, Mad Blocker which was a surprise success garnering over 2 million plays worldwide in its first month on general release.
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