Storm Riders Open Beta Announced
RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA – FEBRUARY 22, 2005 – Orchid Media International (“OMI”), an independent publisher of massively multiplayer games, today announced the open beta phase of “Storm Riders Online”.

The open beta session of Storm Riders Online will be available starting February 22 until March 4th when the game will be officially launched for live pay to play. The monthly subscription cost will be $10.95 a month, with substantial discounts offered in the prepaid multiple month packages.

“As an added bonus OMI will be continuing the Chinese New Year event for the first few days of open beta.” said Patricia Larson OMI’s Director, Public and Customer Relations. “We are very excited about the success and growth we had in closed beta. Going into open beta we will be launching the first 2 expansions of Storm Riders Online with another expansion expected this fall. We look forward to even greater community growth and involvement as we move forward into pay to play launch.”

Storm Riders Online is set against the mythical backdrop of ancient China, and players get to explore the sprawling lands of the game world, become involved in a deep and compelling history, political intrigue, and clan versus clan warfare.

The fully immersive 3D world of SRO features unique gameplay, and original content based on Asian mythology, culture, martial arts, and architecture. The game system in Storm Riders differs from many other MMORPGs as it uses an open system for character builds instead of limiting the player to a specific class for their character. The player has the flexibility to choose and match different skills, stances and powers in any way they wish, allowing them to experiment with a multitude of different builds and abilities.

To find out about Storm Riders Online and to download the client please visit

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Orchid Media International, LLC (“OMI”), based in Raleigh North Carolina, publishes and manages online games licensed from worldwide partner developers and publishers. OMI’s goal is to build successful global brands and become an industry leader in bringing innovative and original content to the online gaming market.
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