Shot-Online on the Hunt for Top-Notch Fan Sites
Company: Oteeva
(Sunnyvale, CA - November 24, 2004) - Into the first month of global service, Shot-Online ( is already rewarding its community for their support. Currently underway, a promotion is running for the Shot-Online community of online golfing aces and website design whizzes.

Starting from November 16 and continuing through November 25, five top Shot-Online fan sites will be selected from all entries, based on these

1. The number of members who are actively participating on the website 2.
the quality of the original website design 3. the quality and quantity of Shot-Online news and information posted 4.
the overall Shot-Online-related community activity on the website

Winners will be awarded a link to their fan site from the official fan page board for Shot-Online and a hefty lump sum of one million NG, the in-game currency, to the fan site webmaster. For more details how to participate, visit the official Shot Online website at

Shot-Online, currently in beta in North America, is an online golfing simulation, featuring fully 3D graphics, motion captured animation, skill enhancement, golfing item purchases and exchanges and quests.

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