The Makers of NyxQuest begin development on Full Mojo Rampage, a Voodoo themed, rogue-like action game for PC
MADRID, Spain – July 16, 2013 – Over the Top Games, the indie studio that brought you the critically-acclaimed NyxQuest and The Fancy Pants Adventures, are back with a brand new Voodoo rogue-like, action game called Full Mojo Rampage. Studio founder Rob Alvarez de Lara, and his team of four are holding a fundraiser for the game on Currently in the alpha stage of development, the game will be finished with the help of the gaming community!

Check out the trailer here:
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"I’m excited and relieved to tell the world that the alpha has finally made it out," says Rob Alvarez de Lara, Over the Top Games. "While our team has a ton of awesome ideas for new content and gameplay mechanics, we need the support and feedback of the gaming community in order to make Full Mojo Rampage the best game that it can be."

Full Mojo Rampage is built around a fast-paced, action RPG shooter with rogue-like elements with a heavy emphasis on multiplayer. The single-player story mode features randomly generated levels, guaranteeing that no two playthroughs will be the same. Multiplayer allows for cooperative play with your friends as well as competitive game modes like capture the flag and team deathmatch.

Other features include:

- A variety of game modes with a focus on action, exploration and some roleplaying elements
- Unique “class” system that revolves around choosing a voodoo god each with their own special powers and attributes
- A plethora of enemy types that become more challenging and deadly as you progress
- Tons of unlockable items and power-ups

All backers of the game will receive an instant download of the Alpha version on PC to playtest, and access to private forums where Rob and the team will post questions and polls on how to improve the gameplay experience. The final version will include a DRM free version and a Steam code!

Based in Madrid, Spain, Over the Top Games, is an independent developer best known for the critically-acclaimed game NyxQuest and The Fancy Pants Adventures. Founded in 2008, Over the Top Games is committed to creating fun and innovative games that push the limits of arts and entertainment. Our team mission is to create games that contain that special *magic* that stands out above all else. More information on Over the Top Games can be found via the Internet at and