Baldur's Gate®: Enhanced Edition for Mac OS X releases February 22nd
EDMONTON, ALBERTA -­­ Beamdog and Overhaul Games proudly announce Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition for Mac OS X is now available for pre­order and pre­loading directly from The game will be available to play on February 22nd. The Mac OS X version will also release later in the Mac App Store.

The original Baldur’s Gate launched in 1998. With over 50 hours of epic gameplay, it quickly became the most celebrated Dungeons & Dragons® fantasy roleplaying video game series at that time.

On Friday, February 22nd, Beamdog and Overhaul Games bring this classic back to life on Mac. In addition to enhancing graphics and gameplay, Overhaul Games has added new allies to join your party, complete with their own unique quests. And for the ultimate test of tactical s kill, players can enter The Black Pits for an arena challenge . Overhaul Games has also given PC, Mac, and iPad tablet players the ability to join together in cooperative multiplayer.

Trent Oster, President of Beamdog, had this to say: “The development of the Mac version of Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition has been a longer process than we had planned. We strove to create a high quality release for the Mac fans of the series and we feel proud of the current version and feel the extra development time was effort well spent.”

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition for Mac OS X is available exclusively through Beamdog and is priced at $19.99.

Visit and for more information.

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