World Championship Poker 2 - Out Now!
Company: Oxygen
October 25th 2007: Northamptonshire, UK: After a brief hiatus, Oxygen GamesTM is pleased to confirm that World Championship Poker 2, for the PlayStation®Portable system, will be on sale from tomorrow – October 26th.

WCP2 - the sequel to the best-selling World Championship Poker - puts players squarely at the high stakes table to bluff their way into stealing the pot from some of the world’s toughest professional poker players, including Howard Lederer, Annie Duke, Robert Williamson III, and more!

Solid and realistic, World Championship Poker 2 for PSP® is offers engaging gameplay in both on and offline play, allowing players to try their hand whilst on the move, perhaps even winning a few hands into the bargain on the train or ‘plane!

The facts:
• 14 different varieties of poker, including Texas Hold’em, Five-Card Stud, Deuce-to-Seven, Triple Draw and Razz
• In-game character likenesses, play styles and signature personality traits of seven of the best professional poker players
• Fully customizable player characters
• Play in third-person TV mode or switch to first person to watch for signs of opponents’ bluffs and tells
• Commentary by Matt Savage and A.I. opponents with dynamic personalities, player controllable taunts, bluffs and tells
• Enhanced look and feel with realistic characters and advanced animations
• Suitable for both the experienced poker player and novice alike
• Multiple single and multi-player modes, including a mini Bluff & Tell game
• 1-8 players online, using Quazal’s matchmaking system
• PSP is fully interoperable with PS2
• Choice of Casino (8 tables) or Pad (6 tables) locations in which to play
• Choice of total number of players at a table; up to 200 in Tournament Quick Play mode
• New venues opened weekly for online play, with modes including Tournaments, Invitationals, Side and Private games
• Four upgradeable Pads to pimp to opponents (player hosted games only)!
• Pawn shop available to aid Pad upgrades but beware – failure to repay loans will result in repossession!

Boasting the most intelligent A.I. of any poker game to date, World Championship Poker 2 comes with a selection of unique features designed with the on-the-move poker fan in mind. WCP2 is wireless-enabled via one disc for game sharing so that friends (or foes) may link up and play any time and anywhere.

Be a winner on the go with World Championship Poker 2 for the PlayStation®Portable system! On sale at all major retailers from tomorrow, October 26th.


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