Sleuth Some Clues in Crime Puzzle
Company: Paprikari
July 15th, 2005 – It was a rainy day in the big apple when it came into our office. Crime Puzzle (, a sweet little number dressed up in more fur than a kennel. It was another of Paprikari’s kids, a kooky family that brought DDD pool into our office less than one year ago. Seems this time they’ve gotten themselves mixed up in a bit of a puzzle… a puzzle involving stamps.

Welcome to Crime Puzzle, where you take the role of detective tracking a trail of missing stamps. Match the clues (stamps) together and you will wind up traveling across the world in pursuit of these strange would-be thieves. Crime Puzzle plays like a classic puzzle game with story elements from the 50s detective series. So toss on a trench coat, classy hat, and a disheveled business suit (suspenders included) and solve the crime of the decade!

Crime Puzzle features three modes of play including the Mystery Mode where you must track down a stamp thief across the world. In addition to the story method, you can challenge yourself to a timed game where you must fill up the timer before it runs out by matching stamps. If you aren’t feeling up to a mental challenge take the game into relaxed mode where you have as much time as you’d like to make as many matches as possible. Crime Puzzle features upbeat jazz music and the chance to play detective in the time of smoking guns and fur-lined coats.

Crime Puzzle comes with a free demo version that lets you experience the game before you purchase it. The demo is available from
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