Paradox Interactive Takes the Tour Bus to Gamescom
NEW YORK August 8th Paradox Interactive, a leading builder of kingdoms that sprawl across several worlds, today announced the lineup of games it will present at this year's Gamescom in Cologne. Having recently dominated American shores during its "Six Games and Rock 'n' Roll" tour, Paradox is preparing for a show of equal or greater awesomeness for its European fans with a strong lineup of crowd favorites, along with two new never-before-seen acts which will debut at Gamescom.

In keeping with the publisher's tradition of conquering everything it sees, Paradox's catalog at Gamescom will give gamers everywhere several ways to plant the seeds of a new empire, and grow those humble beginnings into a force that annihilates any and all opposition.

Appearing at Gamescom with Paradox Interactive will be:

Impire, the recently announced strategy title where players must grow a demonic dungeon into a world-crushing kingdom

A Game of Dwarves, the dwarf-management simulator where players must establish a thriving subterranean society

An unannounced game, codenamed Project Truman*, where players will probably have the chance to build some kind of empire, probably

3000 Miles to Graceland**, a game we can't say anything about yet but probably involves some kind of world dominance

Paradox Interactive is also offering interviews with Gordon Van Dyke, Senior Producer of War of the Roses, in an effort to help the world understand the unique brand of bloodlust necessary to create a game all about building a better kingdom through repeated beheadings.
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