Celebrate Magicka's Birthday with Present-Themed DLC
NEW YORK — January 17, 2013 — Paradox Interactive would like to wish Magicka a very happy birthday, as the game reaches the two-year anniversary of its release. Unfortunately, the Magicka wizards attempted to light their own candles on the cake, and as punishment for the resulting damage to the Paradox offices, the publisher is giving Magicka’s presents away to players instead, out of spite. A new piece of DLC is now available for Magicka players, free of charge, entitled “Free Jólnir’s Workshop”.

To further punish the wizards, Paradox will be having them work without pay over the weekend as Magicka will have a free-to-play period this weekend only. Anybody will be allowed to download and play the game during this period without giving the wizards so much as an IOU. To learn more about how to play during this celebratory window, visit http://www.magickagame.com/.

Since the game’s release in early 2011, Magicka has sold 1.8 million copies, allowing wizards worldwide to hastily apologize to their scorched, punctured, and/or exploded friends using its award-deserving gameplay. Paradox has continued to support the Magicka community with frequent updates and additions, including a hefty selection of free content, DLC sets, and even full expansions such as Magicka: Vietnam and The Stars are Left. It also continues to provide the Paradox staff with reasonable excuses to dress up in colorful robes in the workplace, an activity they have no intention to stop any time soon.

In the new free DLC, players must liberate the wintry workshop of Jólnir, the Crimson King, from a horde of goblins. Jólnir, having let his guard down following a harsh holiday work season, has been forcibly evicted by greedy beasts, and needs the help of Magicka’s well-meaning wizards to resolve this little labor dispute. New monsters, including Goblin Snow Troopers and Autonomous Cannons, will defend their new holdings in the middle of a hazardous blizzard, while wizards take cover behind enormous piles of leftover presents and packages. Free Jólnir’s Workshop and discover what the real magic of the season is!

We've also conjured up a bunch of patch notes for Magicka, read them here: http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?658853-Patch-Notes-%

To learn more about Magicka and wish it a happy birthday, visit http://www.magickagame.com/.