Diehard Fans of The Showdown Effect to Face Off in Beta Today
REYKJAVIK — January 31, 2013 — Paradox Interactive, a publisher that knew too much and went too far, is preparing to take pre-orders of The Showdown Effect, the forthcoming multiplayer 2.5D bullet-spewing engine of chaos from critically acclaimed developer Arrowhead Game Studios. Furthermore, all players who pre-order the game will be granted instant access to the Beta test, scheduled to begin today, January 31, 2013. The game will be available for pre-purchase later today at http://theshowdowneffect.com/buy, where would-be action heroes will have to make the life-or-death decision between getting The Showdown Effect, or getting the Digital Deluxe Edition of The Showdown Effect.

Beta testing for The Showdown Effect begins today, and those heroes whom destiny has chosen (from among the sign-ups on the website at http://beta.theshowdowneffect.com/) will be gradually invited to do battle with everything and anything they can get their hands on. It will also be possible to join their ranks by pre-ordering the game, granting instant beta access alongside several other bonuses.

Players who pre-order The Showdown Effect will also receive bonus toys, including a new weapon skin, allowing them to wield the deadly Fusion Saber of Light. For those with the guts to pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition, those bonuses will also include two more weapon skins, two bonus outfits including a Magicka robe, and even a free copy of Magicka – suitable for playing, or for gifting an unsuspecting foe right in the face.

Combatants will also have the chance to size up the competition by watching a tournament of The Showdown Effect, streaming live from PDXCon in Reykjavik, Iceland on January 31, at 4 p.m. GMT (8 a.m. PST) on http://twitch.tv/paradoxinteractive .. The stream promises to be an unforgettable event, starring a handful of special guests; including YouTube personalities Angry Joe, NorthernLion, and Rage Gaming as well as Arrowhead’s Johan Pilestedt. It may (but probably won’t) be the last thing you ever see.

Paradox would like to thank Alienware for generously sponsoring the event.

To learn more about The Showdown Effect, visit the website at www.theshowdowneffect.com