Europa Universalis: The Musical Announced
STOCKHOLM – April 1, 2013 – Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio are rekindling your dreams of leading a global empire with the announcement of a brand new initiative. Europa Universalis: The Musical will bring the stories behind the games to life through the art of musical theatre and will allow players and musical aficionados alike to conquer the world with music.

The award-winning series that has sold over a million copies and redefined grand strategy gaming for a generation is back, bringing to the stage the same drama, unparalleled depth and unprecedented commitment to history that has made Europa Universalis the legendary franchise it is today.

Documentary filmed by Martin Gustafsson at Roth Händle Studio.

“This is something the entire development studio has wanted to do for years, and now we are proud to say that our empire-building series Europa Universalis is coming alive in the way it was truly meant to be,” said Johan Andersson, Studio Manager at Paradox Development Studio. “When history is your backdrop, it evokes strong feelings and a lot of drama. When internationally renowned music producer Matthias Olsson reached out and described his vision for a musical, I truly felt that this was what the series had been missing. Europa Universalis has tension, alliances, betrayals, and a dream of conquering the world that is the perfect setting for a musical.”

Listen to the first-ever released tracks from Europa Universalis: The Musical:
"Empire Borders", "Casus Belli" & "Prestige":

Mattias Olsson, music producer for bands such as Änglagård, Pineforest Crunch, Two Times the Trauma, said to fans, “This is a thought that has been with me since I first started playing Europa Universalis, and my vision has just grown stronger as the game series has evolved. To create a musical where the world is yours for the taking is a huge challenge, but so far the project development has surpassed even my wildest dreams. As far as I know, no one has ever based a musical on a PC game before, and I feel that this will change the course of both game development and musical theater.”

Prepare to join a worldwide community of over half a million players and experience the drama and tension that only the grand stage of history can provide to the sound of music. Following the success of the critically acclaimed Crusader Kings II, Paradox Development Studio is ready to take you to worlds both old and new – each yours for the taking – to the tune of global conquest
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