Sharpen Your Battle Axes and Prepare to Pillage! Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods is Now Available to Pre-order
NEW YORK – May 24, 2013 – Kneel before the idols of the Old Gods and get ready to rampage across the length and breadth of Europe, as Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods is now available for pre-order. Play as a heathen ruler and mercilessly slaughter and pillage anyone daring to stand in your path, for the glory of Odin, Perun, Perkele and other pagan deities in the fourth expansion of the globally acclaimed Crusader Kings II, releasing on May 28 for $14.99.

In a gift worthy of the great lords of Valhalla, selected retailers are offering 75% off the entire Crusader Kings II franchise to mortals everywhere who pre-order Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods while other retailers will offer the same discount at launch. To see a list of retailers offering pre-order incentives please visit:

Focusing on one of the most brutal periods of Europe’s long history, Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods will allow you to carve your own saga into the very bedrock of the Dark Ages.

With the new start date of 867 AD Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods gives you 200 more years of bloodshed, intrigue and vicious family feuds in a titanic struggle between the followers of the White Christ, the Arab Prophet and the Old Gods.

The third video developer diary for Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods has also been released, explaining the revised technology system in game. The video can be viewed at

All six written developer diaries can also be found on the Paradox forums at: