Steam Workshop Creations Join Cities in Motion 2 on PC and Mac
NEW YORK — June 20, 2013 — Paradox Interactive, a publisher of games and a collector of subway tokens, have introduced support for Steam Workshop in Cities in Motion 2, the transit-planning simulator game from Colossal Order. With the implementation of Steam Workshop, Cities in Motion 2- modders will now have a quick way to upload custom city layouts and maps, plus original scenarios and rule sets. Players can then download and try out their peers’ creations with a simple one-click “subscribe” command that will add Workshop content to their games on PC and on Mac.

In addition to the available community content, Paradox has also released a pair of official DLC packs for Cities in Motion 2, including new vehicles that players can add to their fleets – and subsequently to their streets. The “Bus Mania” pack comes with five new bus types, from vehicles built for speed and comfort to eco-friendly zero-emissions buses, while the “Tram Tremors” pack gives light rail enthusiasts five new car types to glide through town. Each pack is available now for $4.99, with the Petrona Towers landmark DLC available for $0.99.

In Cities in Motion 2, players must design, construct, maintain, and expand a multifaceted transit network that serves the needs of a growing city. Fleets of vehicles, including buses, trains, ferries and subways, must be assembled and set in motion on player-created tracks and routes, providing affordable and efficient transit between growing residential and commercial centers. As players engineer their systems, the city will grow dynamically around them, keeping players on their toes with increased population, congestion, and budgetary concerns.

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