Paradox Interactive Launch a New Download Site
Stockholm March 8, 2005 - Following the news that developer and publisher Paradox Interactive are porting their games to additional platforms, the company is taking another step in making their games more accessible to the gaming community.

"We wanted to design a solution that could cater for the increased demand in our titles that have gone out of print, like Europa Universalis II, as well as create a flexible and fast solution to facilitate gaming needs", says Fredrik Lindgren, VP of Sales and Marketing at Paradox Interactive. "Paradox On Demand is right on target and we expect it to be a great complement to the traditional gaming outlets".

Paradox On Demand, developed by Ztorm and Byteblaze, is as easy as 1-2-3 and gives the player access to the game within the hour.

1 Register
2 Download
3 Play

It will feature back-list titles like best-selling Europa Universalis II, Hearts of Iron (prequel to latest success Hearts of Iron II) as well as classical Victoria and Crusader Kings.

For more information on Paradox On Demand and available titles please visit or contact Paradox Interactive.

About Paradox Interactive
Paradox Interactive has since 1999 been a leading developer and publisher of strategy games for the PC platform. Well renowned in their niche of strategy games, the company's distribution network and followers span the globe. Paradox's experienced team has worked on more than 16 titles, including such best-selling games as the Europa Universalis franchise, Crusader Kings and the Hearts of Iron franchise.

About Ztorm
Ztorm offers a complete platform for digital distribution, including all major technological purchases and professional services. Ztorm identifies and maintains all necessary service level agreements and licenses, including access to BYTESHIELD (Patent Pending), and offers a transactional business model for convenient payment of the service.

About Byteblaze
The purpose of Byteblaze leading product, BYTESHIELD, is to combat software piracy. In addition to making illegal copying of software almost impossible, BYTESHIELD will lead to new ways of distributing PC-based games and business applications as well as provide feedback such as diagnostics, sales statistics, usage and support. It also establishes a direct connection between a software publisher and its customers.
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