Knights of Honor Sweep in the Awards
Stockholm, Sweden (May 6, 2005) - Knights of Honor, Paradox Interactive's latest PC Strategy title for North America, hit the jackpot at the 2005 FMX Echtzeit Film Festival in Stuttgart, Germany. The PC game's cinematic intro movie, created by Virgin Lands, won first prize in the "Professional/Games" category and was awarded the Animago award as well as first prize in the "Cut Scene" category.

This year the FMX conference celebrates its 10th Anniversary. The event brings together animators, effects artists, game developers, producers, editors, screenwriters, funding institutions and investors to further develop the entertainment industry. The prestigious awards are handed out yearly.

"The graphical elements in Knights of Honor have successfully been molded into an intro movie which successfully captures the essence of the gameplay", says Fredrik Lindgren, Director of Marketing and Sales for Paradox Interactive. "We are happy but not surprised that its creators won this award".

Tobias Weingärtner, CEO of Virgin Lands, had the following to say after receiving the two prestigious awards: "We are immensely proud to have won not only the Animago Award but also the Echtzeit Film Festival award this year - a real double whammy. The awards are also an impressive testament to the good cooperation with SUNFLOWERS, to which our current efforts for ANNO 3 (Working Title) will contribute further."

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