Europe Prepares to Go Galactic!
Stockholm, June 8, 2005 - Paradox Interactive, a leading publisher and developer of critically acclaimed strategy titles, today revealed another addition to their solid portfolio. The company is proud to announce that they will be publishing the sequel to Galactic Civilizations, Galactic Civilizations II, in Europe. The title is scheduled for release around Feb, 2006.

"Galactic Civilizations was a hit worldwide and we know the franchise has many fans in Europe, one of the reasons we are really pleased about publishing Stardock's latest masterpiece there," says Fredrik Lindgren, VP of Marketing & Sales at Paradox Interactive.

Brad Wardell, President & CEO of Stardock Entertainment, says that "Stardock is very excited about working with Paradox to publish Galactic Civilizations II in Europe. In many ways, our companies are mirror images of one another: we both love creating strategy games and providing strong support to our players. Working with Paradox was a natural fit for us."

Created by the same renowned team responsible for many of Stardock's leading titles, Galactic Civilizations II takes place in the distant future, when mankind has become a space-faring civilization and must contend with other extraterrestrial powers for domination of the galaxy. The sequel is a true evolution for the series, with rethought fundamentals and exciting new changes.

* Ship Design - Players can research technology to use when designing their own ship classes, and there are also ways for players to alter the exterior appearance of the ships.
* Unique Planets - Different classes of planets offer a variety of locations to explore and exploit.
* New Map System - Planets are now part of the map, and multiple players can share the same star system - player influence is based on planets rather than sectors.
* Many Distinct Races - Pick any of the 10 races, or create your own. Each race has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.
* 3D Engine - A new engine delivers greatly improved visuals, which adapt to systems' capabilities to deliver the best experience possible.
* Stacks of ships as well as real fleets that can be taken advantage of in combat.
* Enhanced Combat System - Ships have 3 types of attack (beam weapons, mass drivers, and missile weapons) and 3 types of defense (shields, armor, and point defense).
* Non-Linear Campaign - There's more than one way to rule a galaxy!
* Both Random and Pre-made Maps - Get to know the ins and outs of favourite maps or explore new space.
* Enhanced AI - Challenging opponents are always at hand.
* Revised Star Bases - Several different types of star bases offering their own improvement trees.
* Cleaner and more linear technology tree, with focus on different categories of technology (weapons, propulsion, economics, culture, etc.).

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About Paradox Interactive
Paradox Interactive has been a leading publisher and developer of strategy games for the PC platform since 1999. Well-known for their niche titles, the company's distribution network and followers span the globe. Paradox's experienced team has completed more than 16 titles, including such best-selling games as the Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron franchises, as well as Crusader Kings.

About Stardock
Stardock develops PC games such as the award-winning Galactic Civilizations and 2004's popular political strategy game, The Political Machine. Stardock is also the world's leading developer of Windows enhancement utilities. Its software is used by over 10 million people worldwide, as well as major companies like nVidia, ATI, Alienware and Microsoft. It runs the website that is visited by over 3 million different users monthly. Its software can be found on the machines of end users, corporate desktops, and in movies and television.
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