Europa Universalis III Is In The Works
Manhattan, New York, February 14, 2006 – Leading PC strategy games publisher Paradox Interactive announced great news today for strategy fans of the award winning and critically acclaimed Europa Universalis series. The much awaited Europa Universalis III explores the areas of exploration, trade, warfare and diplomacy and is scheduled for release in Q1 2007.

The Paradox development team has been working on the game and its new engine for close to twelve months and the game will carry the characteristic trademarks of Paradox Grand Strategy titles: immense depth and historical content paired with challenging gameplay and replayability value. At the same time focus has been put on making it easier for casual strategy fans to get into this game.

The Europa Universalis series put Paradox Interactive on the map as a global developer and has been awarded with Editor Choice Awards by sites like IGN, Strategy Gaming Online and Firing Squad.

“The EU franchise is one of our most successful brands and this production is the biggest one so far in our company’s history, said Fredrik W Lindgren, Director of Publishing at Paradox Interactive. “Europa Universalis III is sure to bring more fans to the genre while existing fans will be pleasantly surprised by our vision and execution of the game”.

First screenshots will be released next month while concept art is available at this time. Paradox has also teamed up with Craig Mullins, renowned artist involved in many major gaming titles.

For cover art, concept art and logotypes please go to: Paradox ftp

For more information on Europa Universalis III or Paradox Interactive, please visit the Paradox website or contact

About Paradox Interactive
Paradox Interactive has been a leading publisher and developer of strategy games for the PC platform since 1999. Well-known for their strategy titles, the company's distribution network and followers span the globe. Paradox's experienced team has completed more than 17 titles, including such best-selling games as the Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron franchises. Published titles in North America include Knights of Honor, as well as upcoming titles Rush for Berlin and Heart of Empire Rome. Worldwide titles to be published in 2006 include Heart of Iron II Doomsday and Take Command 2nd Manassas.

About Craig Mullins
Craig Mullins is an acclaimed freelance Conceptual Designer, Digital Matte Painter and Illustrator. His clients include DreamWorks, SKG, MCA Universal, Sony Picture Imageworks, Warner Brothers Pictures, Electronic Arts, Microsoft and Square. Mullins' work has contributed to a wide variety of entertainment projects including feature films, commercials, specialty films and computer games including Bungie’s "Halo 1 & 2" and Ensemble Studios' "Age of Empires III". Mullins most current work can be viewed at .

Mullins received a graduate degree in Illustration, with Industrial Design from Art Center in 1989.

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