Mount and Blade Trailer charges into the fray
New York, USA (July 1, 2008) Paradox Interactive invites you to charge into the fray as it releases the first trailer to showcase, the medieval action RPG by TaleWorlds Mount and Blade.
For those of you who enjoy slaying their enemies from the comfort of an elevated position, the trailer brings to life the art of horse-mounted combat and focuses on typical cavalry skirmishes.

So don't waste a second more. Grab hold of the reins, slide down your visor and hold your shield close. Steady your nerves and draw you bow, sword, axe, hammer or lance. Spur your horse forwards and charge into the fray, straight into glorious battle!

Key Features:
- Free-form sandbox gameplay. Trade, serve, or even joust. Go anywhere, do anything in a world thriving with hundreds of locations.
- Distinctive horseback combat. Mount up and attack your foes with swords, lances or arrows.
- Highly advanced and intuitive sword-fighting system.
- Be a lonesome adventurer, conniving merchant, or a commander of armies.
- Interact with hundreds of characters; hire mercenaries to build a private army, accept quests to assassinate troublemakers, or boost your reputation by buying a round of beer at the local tavern.

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