New Trailer and Features revealed for East India Company
GDC San Francisco - March 25, 2009 - Paradox Interactive today released a new trailer and details for East India Company, the upcoming naval war strategy game developed by Nitro Games.

Paradox also revealed new details about the gameplay in East India Company. The innovative Direct Command mode during naval battles allows players to take direct control over a single ship, giving players previously unseen control over the ship’s actions during battle. Players are able to toggle between the more traditional RTS mode where you control multiple ships and the Direct Command mode where you take the command of an individual ship.
In Direct Command mode the players can toggle through different views from 3rd person view behind the ship to a 1st person view that puts the player in the middle of the crew in action on ships deck, thus allowing better control over cannons & aiming and ship manoeuvring. The players experience the action firsthand as enemy fire flies overhead and the ship rocks in the turbulent seas.
When taking the control of the flagship players can take advantage of the skills of the fleet commander. All fleets have their own unique fleet commanders with a set of active and passive skills. The passive skills are in force throughout the battle where as the active skills can be activated by player and are in force for a short period of time.
For example, one commander will have an accuracy skill that will improve the accuracy of shots fired from the ship, where as another commander will have an feared skill resulting lowered morale for all enemy ships.

To watch the East India Company trailer, please visit:

East India Company is a naval war strategy game based on the 18th century East India Companies. Players will attempt to build the world’s most powerful trading empire in a breathtaking cinematic environment. Offering both single and multiplayer modes, players will fight, manage and rule to build immense trading empire spanning from Europe to the Far East using a wide array of ship classes. The game will feature fierce naval battles and direct command of individual ships.

To learn more about East India Company, visit the official website:

East India Company scheduled for release in Q3 2009 and will be published worldwide by Paradox Interactive and will also be available on leading digital distribution platforms.

The developers attending GDC from Paradox Interactive are:

Kim Soares, Lead Designer for East India Company
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Johan Andersson, Producer for Hearts of Iron 3

Alexey Kozyrev, Producer for Majesty 2
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Maxim Bodrikov, Game Designer for Elven Legacy
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Armagan Yavuz, Producer for Mount&Blade: Warband
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Tom Soderlund, Executive Producer for Mezmer Games
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On Friday, Paradox Interactive will be present at the San Francisco Marriott, located 1 block from the Moscone Convention Center, in meeting room Pacific A. If you want to schedule last minute interviews, call our mobiles.

About Nitro Games
Nitro Games Ltd. is a Finnish game developer that produces high quality video games for worldwide distribution. Since it’s founding in 2007 the company has grown rapidly and become one of the largest game development studios in Finland producing games for both PC and Next-Gen console platforms.
The company focuses on creating interesting titles with strong intellectual property values. Company offices are located in Kotka and Helsinki, both in southern Finland. The development team is comprised of skilled professionals who know what it takes to make a game that is fun to play and easy to sell.
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About Paradox Interactive
Since 1999, Paradox Interactive has been a leading developer and publisher of PC-based strategy games. World-renowned for its strategy stable, the company holds a particularly strong presence in the United States and Europe. Its steadily-growing portfolio includes original titles such as the critically acclaimed Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron franchises, as well as the best published titles like the Penumbra series, Supreme Ruler 2020, Elven Legacy, Mount&Blade and the greatly-anticipated Majesty 2 – The Fantasy Kingdom Sim.
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