Paradox Interactive at PAX East 2012
NEW YORK - March 26, 2012 – Paradox Interactive today announced that they will be making their first-ever appearance at PAX East this year. Promising to make it a memorable event, Paradox Interactive is not holding back, bringing a selection of their best upcoming titles to PAX East, including medieval multiplayer massacre-er War of the Roses and The Showdown Effect, the next project from the same humorous masochists behind Magicka.

Paradox Interactive will also be waging a war of their own on the show floor, challenging anyone who thinks they are man (or woman!) enough to step up and take them down in a battle to the death. Wait – we don’t mean physically; please put your shirt back on, we’re talking about War of the Roses. Come by booth #368, join either the house of Lancaster or York, and let your steel speak for itself; it may be the last time.

War of the Roses
Travel back to the 15th century in War of the Roses and partake in England’s bloodiest civil war. Offering a unique third-person melee combat experience, War of the Roses allows players to select from 60 weapon types to pulverize their opponents whichever way they can in this epic and gritty multiplayer title. Featuring team-based objectives as well as gruesome PVP opportunities (a.k.a. executions), War of the Roses will deliver a truly immersive experience to those thirsting for a new online challenge.

The Showdown Effect
The Showdown Effect is the latest title from acclaimed developers Arrowhead Game Studios, where players will enter a sidescrolling 2.5D world and battle opponents to the death by taking on the role of their favorite action movie archetypes. Become a cliché action star and duke it out with other Rambos, retired cops, and that one guy who “lost his identity” by using a variety of weaponry and hundreds of customizable options to creatively kill your friends. And, of course, warm up your best catchphrases and be ready to quip with the best of them!