Mission Editor for Naval War: Arctic Circle Released! + New Trailer
With your mastery of the seas assured and your control over the world's most powerful weapons amply demonstrated, it is time for the student to now become the teacher - time to design new challenges and new scenarios as others prepare for war at the top of the world. Paradox Interactive and Turbo Tape Games today announced that it will support the mod community with today's release of the new mission editor for Naval War: Arctic Circle.

The mission editor is added for free to all gamers and the greatest ships that ever sailed the seas can now be given new orders and assigned new missions as you devise new ways to test the limits of men and machines:

To celebrate the occasion a new trailer has been released!

Watch the new Naval War: Arctic Circle Trailer here:

Naval War: Arctic Circle is a real time naval wargame set in the near future that uses accurate profiles of Atlantic powers, their ships and aircraft. With the mission editor, you get access to all units in the game, and the ability to create your own missions anywhere in the North Atlantic Ocean. Steam Workshop enables fluid sharing of your custom missions with other players.

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The Naval War: Arctic Circle mission editor gives you:

- Access to all game units and free distribution on the game map
- Full control of initial unit grouping, waypoints and weapon loads
- Full configurability of airfields and flight decks, and custom setup of aircraft units types and amounts
- Simple selection of victory condition types from the game
- Use of any units from any nation found in the game on any side
- Hosting of multiplayer games using any custom mission
- Steam Workshop integration for simple sharing and downloading of any community created mission
- Option to create unique mission preview image

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Get the demo here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/200050/?snr=1_7_suggest__13