Old School Gamers Rejoice, Starcars Now Available
June 2nd, 2005 - (Auckland, New Zealand). Peachysoft Games (www.peachysoft.com) announced today that their Sky Roads inspired space game is available from their website. Starcars places you in the role of a human pilot lost in the deepest reaches of the galaxy. Navigate your way home or face eternity alone in the deepest region of space.

Lost in the deepest regions of unknown space you come across an intelligent alien race who needs your help. They possess the power to send you home again, but not without acquiring certain ancient artifacts long lost to their people. With these artifacts come your opportunity to not only go home but to bring first contact with aliens and begin to share technology and information about the universe. Mankind’s next leap forward lies entirely on your piloting skills, and those skills are your last hope to see your home world again.

In Starcars you must pilot your ship and traverse dangerous terrain full of obstacles. Unarmed and alone, you must fly with great care around and over walls, moving platforms, over endless pits, and more. With 60 levels across 6 zones of space Starcars will keep you occupies for a long time. Included with the full version is a map editor that will allow you endless new challenges. Fans of the original Sky Roads will rejoice at the rebirth of a classic genre.

Starcars comes with a free demo that allows you to explore the first levels of the game. The free demo is available from the Peachysoft website at www.peachysoft.com.

About Peachysoft
Peachysoft is a one man operation located in Auckland, New Zealand. The Video Game Industry in New Zealand is almost non-existant, thats why Peachysoft's founder Joshua Smyth has decided to become an independant developer using the Internet as the main distribution method to get our games into the customer's hands.
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