Gamesplanet Lab Presents Day One, the New Dark Comedy from Pendulo That Will Be More Than Just a Game
After the successful launch of Gamesplanet Lab on last Wednesday (more than 30% reached for Magrunner ‘s project within 4 days), Pendulo Games and Gamesplanet Lab are happy to announce "Day One", a dark comedic adventure from one of Spain's oldest and most successful game studios. "Day One" is the second project to be launched on Gamesplanet Lab, a new, integrated crowdsourcing and distribution platform for independent game developers. Gamers interested in supporting the development of Pendulo’s next big adventure can contribute on the project page at http://lab.gamesplanet/dayone from 10th of July until August 24.

Welcome to a story about a man weary of world and tired of its broken promises. A bitter young columnist learns from his doctor that he’s less than a day to live. But back home, he finds a capsule and a note: “This will keep you alive 24 extra hours. Come to Paris for more. We’ll find you.”

The hero takes Ambrose Bierce as his model, and "The Devil's Dictionary" as his bible – the world, like his body, is rotting more each day. Now he gets to see what really matters. Sometimes you need a few clouds in order to see something in the proper light.

For the last two decades, Pendulo has focused its energies on traditional 'graphic adventures', selling more than a million copies of their games worldwide, and having continued success even as the genre's became a little unfashionable. The "Runaway" saga has become a classic, and their most recent games, "The Next Big Thing" and "Yesterday", were released to critical acclaim. Pendulo is comprised of ten developers who have raised families together and stay tightly knit, cherishing their independence as they rely on each other for inspiration and support. They make the games they do because they love them and will keep on doing it - market forces be damned.

What is Gamesplanet Lab?
Born from the union of Gamesplanet, an independent digital distribution platform for video games and Ulule, the European leader in crowdfunding, Gamesplanet Lab is not just a funding platform for independent studios like Pendulo. It wants to be the support network that small developers can rely on.

Gamesplanet Lab gives creators the necessary tools to develop and distribute the games they believe in. Each project will have a quality guarantee, because Gamesplanet Lab selects every project carefully. Quality control on delivery is then assured by a panel of testers chosen from the backers themselves – who can then report on what they've seen. Gamers who contribute to a project's funding will play a very important role in ensuring customer satisfaction, and will be rewarded with early game access, bonus content like art books, access to VIP forums and much more.

Developers retain full copyright over their creations, and the crowdfunding model guarantees payment to the development team. Gamesplanet Lab and all partner developers have made a formal pledge to backers to uphold the Gamesplanet Lab Charter of 10 commitments shared by all project holders.

What Gamesplanet Lab is not
The success of Kickstarter has spawned a number of other crowdfunding options. It's important to emphasize how Gamesplanet Lab is different.
Gamesplanet Lab is not:
· Just another crowdfunding platform: it is a partnership between an independent digital distribution platform (Gamesplanet), a dedicated crowdfunding specialist ( and those project holders who wish to benefit from a wide range of tools, from marketing to logistics.
· Claiming to turn gamers into investors who can grow rich with the success of selected projects. We leave that to banks or capital-risk firms; Gamesplanet Lab just offers gamers an opportunity to pre-order games they wish to support and, with that pre-order, engage in a close relationship with the creators while enjoying some exclusive advantages.
This is just the beginning...
Next, Gamesplanet Lab will present many other projects in progress with independent studios and publishers.
Don’t just game, be the game changer!
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