All Roads Lead to New Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising Assets
SAN FRANCISCO, CA - July 24, 2007 - Perpetual Entertainment and Platform Publishing today released new screenshots and videos from Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising. Aspiring legionnaires will discover what awaits them in their struggle to preserve Rome with assets showcasing the iconic champion of Rome, the gladiator, as he emerges from the arena and puts his combat prowess to the test against terrifying creatures of myth. Visceral videos and screens are available now for download.

Gamers are also invited to meet and learn about Fortuna, goddess of luck and one of the patron deities of choice for Gods & Heroes' gladiators. A video interview with Stieg Hedlund, Design Director for Gods & Heroes, gives players an inside look at what Fortuna's godly role may be as they seek their fortune -- or misfortune.

Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising, the upcoming massively multiplayer online game from Perpetual Entertainment, lets you take on the role of a son or daughter of an Olympian god. Featuring an innovative squad combat system and attack animations that keep players in the heat of battle through a wide variety of special combat moves, Gods & Heroes challenges players to overcome and conquer the enemies of Rome. Along the way, players will battle iconic enemies including the Gauls, Greeks, Samnites and others along with the Cyclops, Minotaur, Hydra, Medusa and other creatures from Roman mythology. Each player will command the powers of the gods and their own custom squad as they fight to preserve Rome. For more information, visit

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