Phelios Releases a New Game, Kickin Soccer
Company: Phelios
May 18, 2006, Atlanta, GA - Independent game company, and creators of many popular games for the casual games market, has announced the
release of a new game called, "Kickin' Soccer". Kickin' Soccer was made with Phelios' own game engine, PTK.

Set in an athletic backdrop of a soccer stadium filled with enthusiastic fans, and created with the true soccer crowd in mind, Kickin' Soccer offers soccer gamers hours of engaging game play. Kickin' Soccer is a fast-paced arcade soccer game. Dribble the opponent players, slide into their defenses with quick and accurate passing, score with shoots from a distance or use crosses and try to head the ball in the back of the net.

Players of Kickin' Soccer can use the pass button/key to perform quick low passes, or if the button is kept pressed longer players are able to lift the ball for higher passes. The shoot button works in a similar manner: the longer the key is pressed, the stronger the shoot will be.

Kickin' Soccer features three modes of play:

-1 Player Arcade Mode: A friendly match mode where you pick each team's country. (Choice of 16 countries). Plays one match at a time.
-1 Player Cup Mode: The Cup Mode lets you take control of one of the 16 available countries, each country's team with their own specific skills, trying to win the World Cup. Plays 4 matches.
-2 Players Mode: Friendly match played by two players at the keyboard.

The finishing touch to Kickin' Soccer is a stimulating original soundtrack with bold beats and grooves that perfectly complement not only the sports theme of Kickin' Soccer, but also accentuates the high energy level of the game play.

A free demo version of the game, Kickin' Soccer, is available at the newly created domain, Kickin' Soccer is available to purchase online for $9.95.
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