Pelgrane Press and The Last Door Team Up for Horror Contest and Giveaway
SAN JOSE, Calif. – July 29, 2014 – Phoenix Online Publishing™ and Pelgrane Press™ today announced they are teaming up to offer fans of Lovecraftian horror games a free novella inspired by the award-winning point-and-click adventure game The Last Door™; discount codes on both their products; and a 140-character horror story contest for a chance to win a free RPG PDF from Pelgrane.

For the month of August, all new subscribers to Phoenix Online’s newsletter will receive a free PDF of “The Five Arches”. This prequel story to The Last Door™ is written by by David Conyers, author of more than fifty short stories, including an on-going Lovecraftian sci-fi espionage series. The PDF also includes discount codes for $5 off at the Pelgrane Press webstore, and 20% off The Last Door: Collector’s Edition at the Phoenix Online Store.

Additionally, the two companies invite horror fans to submit 140-character flash horror stories to for a chance to win a free Pelgrane Press PDF of their choice, such as Trail of Cthulhu, 13th Age or Night's Black Agents. Five winners will be announced on August 12th on both sites.

For more information, please visit and

About Phoenix Online Publishing – Every Game Has a Story™
Phoenix Online Publishing is a new independent video game publisher dedicated to bringing compelling and cutting-edge story-driven titles to market worldwide in every genre and across the full range of gaming platforms and devices. Providing game makers with business management, marketing, media and digital/retail distribution services, the company is committed to providing a platform for bringing titles with rich storytelling and atmosphere to life. Designed by indie game developers for indie game developers, Phoenix Online Publishing operates in parallel with Phoenix Online Studios, an award-winning game development studio (The Silver Lining, Cognition), and maintains a global network of development, publishing and distribution partners. More information about Phoenix Online Publishing can be found on the company's website,

About Pelgrane Press
At Pelgrane Press, great designers get to do groundbreaking work on games that truly excite them. The UK-based publisher’s many award-winning RPGs include 13th Age by Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet, Trail of Cthulhu and Night’s Black Agents by Kenneth Hite, and The Dying Earth and Ashen Stars by Robin D Laws. Pelgrane Press is also the home of the webzine Page XX, The Birds comic, and soundtracks for RPGs by James Semple and fellow composers. Learn more at

About The Game Kitchen
The Game Kitchen is a small indie team based in Seville, Spain. Founded in 2009, the Spanish developer creates games for mobile devices and PC, always keeping accessibility and social change in mind, and is currently focused on creating independent original titles. In addition to The Last Door, an episodic point-and-click horror adventure game, they are also the developers of Rotor’scope: The Secret of the Endless Energy (XBLA, 3rd prize winner in Dream.Build.Play 2009) and Dungeon Defiler (iOS, 2012). Learn more at and

About David Conyers
David Conyers is an Australian science fiction author and editor residing in Adelaide. In 2013, after a long history of contributions to Albedo One, he was named the magazine’s Art and General Editor. He has published over fifty short stories in various anthologies and magazines, many of which are collected in his e-books The Entropy Conflict, The Uncertainty Bridge and The Nightmare Dimension. David is the author of the Lovecraftian espionage science fiction series featuring his ongoing character, Major Harrison Peel, collected in The Impossible Object, The Weaponized Puzzle and The Eye of Infinity, with many more additions planned. He is the editor of the anthologies Extreme Planets, Undead & Unbound, Cthulhu’s Dark Cults and Cthulhu Unbound 3. Learn more at
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