Pingbit Games Launches Fillogic for the Windows PC
Company: Pingbit Games
Reno, Nevada - September 8, 2011-Pingbit Games, a new independent game development company, today announced the launch of Fillogic for the Windows PC. Based on the popular nonogram logic puzzle, Fillogic has something for players of all skill levels. New players enjoy the many features designed to teach them new puzzle solving techniques, while experienced players appreciate the carefully designed interface giving them the best nonogram puzzle experience available on the Windows PC.

"This is a game I've personally wanted to see for quite a while," says Nathan Horne, founder of Pingbit Games. "There were several options to play nonograms on the PC, but until now the best offerings were restricted to handheld consoles. With Fillogic, I think we've finally been able to bring that level of quality to the PC while taking advantage of the benefits inherent in the platform."

Fillogic is a puzzle game in which squares in a grid must be marked black or white according to clues given around the outside of the grid. This simple mechanic leads to a compelling test of logical ability that has kept players interested in nonogram puzzles for more than two decades. Fillogic features custom puzzle generation and solving algorithms that teach players how to tackle even the toughest puzzles while ensuring that they never run out of new grids to solve.

Players can download a free demo and purchase the game for $4.99 at

About Pingbit
Pingbit Games is an independent game development company formed by Nathan Horne in 2011. The first game released under the Pingbit name is Fillogic, a logic puzzle game based on the nonogram puzzle created by Non Ishida in 1988.
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