A Skipdoctor Is For Life – Not Just for Christmas
Peripheral’s specialist Pinpoint Consumer Electronics has launched two new advanced disc repair systems that promise to repair scratched discs in under a minute, setting the new world standard in optical disc repair.

Developed by a former NASA scientist, and an award winning manufacturer, the SkipDR Advanced, and the SkipDR Automax remove scratches from CDs, DVDs, games, photo and data discs that can cause skipping and freezing and interrupt play.

It is easy to bring a disc back to perfect working order using the SkipDR Advanced and SkipDR Automax – both of which incorporate a vertical disc loading design feature. With the SkipDR Advanced simply spray with the resurfacing fluid provided, insert it into the vertical disc loading area, turn the handle to spin the disc, remove and buff! For those who would prefer an entirely automated process, the SkipDR Automax follows the same principles but incorporates “auto load” and “auto eject” features. The SkipDR Automax is battery operated.

Both the SkipDR Advanced and the SkipDR Automax use a chemical free process that does not damage the data stored on discs. Using a patented, replaceable resurfacing wheel developed by a NASA scientist, the surface of the disc is buffered and evened out. This eliminates the refraction of the laser caused by the scratch and the disc doesn’t skip anymore.

Both disc repair systems offer fantastic value for money - simply by restoring one game with the £29.99 SkipDR Advanced or two games with the £39.99 SkipDR Automax, the investment will be recouped. Fifty discs can be repaired before the resurfacing wheel needs to be replaced. The SkipDR Advanced and SkipDR Automax come complete with an instruction booklet, environmentally friendly fluid, drying cloth and a buffing square. Replacement kits are available for RRP £4.99 and include a replacement wheel, resurfacing fluid, drying cloth and buffing square.

Pinpoint Consumer Electronics has been established since 2000. Based in Cheshire, the company is the exclusive distributor for a growing portfolio of accessories that enhance the users experience of electronic consumables. The award winning brands that the company currently represents include the following;

Digital Innovations - a groundbreaking range of care, repair and maintenance accessories for discs and electronics.

Nyko - a superb range of high-performance accessories for the interactive entertainment, computing and consumer electronics markets.

Gamexpert - a value-for-money range of accessories for all game consoles and the PSP, with a focus on functionality.

Laserline - practical CD storage solutions for on the move and in the home.

Many of the company’s products have won numerous industry accolades and coveted awards for their design innovation.
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