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Plastic Wax logoPlastic Wax is a leading digital design, 3D art, animation and production studio specializing in the creation of premium digital entertainment, 3D art and animation for the global videogames and entertainment industry. From scripting and story-boarding, to character and set design, audio and sound effects for film, television and videogames, high and low poly modeling, motion capture and hand key animation and visual effects, Plastic Wax offers the complete creative solution for your CG requirements. Whether it is the latest videogame, feature length DVD movie or 30 second television commercial, the Plastic Wax teams will be able to meet your digital 3D art, animation and visual effects needs. The teams specialize in creating premium movies for videogame cut-scenes and intros, as well as complex in-game character modeling and animation. Located in Sydney, Australia with clients across the globe Plastic Wax's studios include a complete motion-capture studio, sound recording and editing suites, and comprehensive art and animation facilities.