Playerthree announces its first PS Vita title, Chronovolt
Company: Playerthree
13 February 2012. London, UK

Playerthree is today very excited to finally announce the PS Vita title they have been working on for quite some time: Chronovolt.

Chronovolt is a fiendish 3D puzzle-platformer “marble game” in which the player has to guide his Chrono Sphere through the twists, turns and traps and hazards of Escher-like arenas. You must perfect your control of speed and dexterity to guide the Chrono Sphere to the exit on each of the 30 levels.

Chronovolts scattered around the levels give the user the power to control time in various fashions, stopping it for selected objects, rewinding it and creating time warps. The time controls increase the complexity of the puzzles and the fun. Time is controlled through the front and back touch panels while the Chorno Sphere can be controlled either with tilting or with the more classic stick controls.

Game Features:
· Overarching time-travelling storyline over 30 levels
· Front and rear touch screens used for time control powers
· Ranking and leaderboards
· Asynchronous multiplayer

Luigi Fumero at Playerthree says: "After the successes we had on PSP Minis and on the App Store we were very keen to release a game on a new handheld platform so we started to work on Chronovolt with early development kits. The more we learned about the platform the more ambitious the project became. The team has grown accordingly and we are extremely happy with the final result. We are looking forward to working on more PS Vita games now that we have developed our proprietary technology."

Chronovolt will be self published by Playerthree and released in Q2 2012.
A trailer of the game and more information about the storyline and levels will be released soon.

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