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Playrix Entertainment logoFounded in 2004, Playrix Entertainment has become known as a successful game developer and publisher that specializes in casual PC games for the whole family. Among its famous titles are The Rise of Atlantis, Around the World in 80 Days, Atlantis Quest, etc.

Here at Playrix Entertainment you will find the perfect mix of talent and creativity, fun and technology. We continue to expand as we step up production and our mission remains the same: it is to create spectacular, captivating and always family-friendly games.

Playrix Entertainment is an independent game developer, but we also publish games from external studios. With the experienced team of fun game professionals and the extensive network of distribution channels we are able to offer excellent publishing opportunities.

At the same time we are always open to new distribution opportunities both for published and our original Playrix games online and in box retail, as well as for mobile, handheld and console platforms.